Welcome to perfect party planning

Parties add essence to our lives. They are a fun way to celebrate life. They also provide us with opportunities to build new friendships and strengthen existing friendships.

Parties are as diverse as the guests that attend them. They come in a large variety of different guises; some are simple and for no special reason, while others are sophisticated and for very specific reasons.

Because our busy lives rob us of valuable time, the planning of a party can be quite daunting. A little help with the planning of a party can be very valuable.

Perfect Party Planning provides you with guides to plan the perfect party, examples of different types of parties, ideas for party accessories and much more.


General party planning guide
All parties, no matter what kind or theme, are similar in the planning. The decisions that need to be made for a kids party are very similar to the ones for an adults party or even a corporate event. They all require planning and coordination. This is a general guide that applies to all party planning. read more

Adults birthday party planning guide
Planning an adults birthday party is very different from planning a kids party. With a kids party, you are there for the kids. With an adult party, your goal should be to also have some fun rather than fussing over every detail. read more

Kids birthday party planning guide
Organizing a kids birthday party can be daunting. A birthday party can also be very important to your kids. Here is a simple guide to help you with your child's birthday party planning. read more

Bachelor/Bachelorette Party Planning guide
Your friend is getting married and you have to plan the Bachelor or Bachelorette Party. A lot of pressure is on your shoulders. If you plan a great party you will be a hero. To help you here are some simple guidelines. read more