Adults birthday party planning guide

Planning an adults birthday party is very different from planning a kids party. With a kids party, you are there for the kids. With an adult party, your goal should be to also have some fun rather than fussing over every detail.

Who's Birthday is it?

When planning the birthday party it's important to know who you are planning the party for. You might say, "Of course I know the person - what do you mean". What I mean is that you are planning a party for a person so the party needs to be something that person will enjoy. Even if you are planning your own party it needs to be something you should enjoy.

You should try to avoid planning a party where the guest of honour would feel uncomfortable or out of place. The people that are invited need to be people they are comfortable around and the food needs to be food they enjoy.

Guest List

Keep in mind whom the Birthday Celebrant might wish to have in attendance. Your guest list should dictate the type of party you are planning. If they are grandparents and want their children and grandchildren, you'll plan one type of party, if they are adults who have no children you'll probably plan an entirely different type of party.

If you want to plan a party without children then you need to inform people about this. It's always a good idea to have some kind of plan if some guests do show up with their kids. Maybe have a room with games ready just in case.

Surprise parties

Surprise parties are always a little extra work. Keeping it a surprise is the hardest part. The best way of doing this is to let everybody know long in advance. Once people know, they can be roped in to cover for you or help out.

Remember, some people like surprise parties and some don't. Plan this type of bash with the guest of honour's wishes in mind.

You need to plan how to spring the surprise on the person. Remember the objective is not to scare the person half to death, especially if that person has a heart condition.

Most of all remember it does not always workout like in the movies. If things don't go 100 percent to plan don't panic or stress. The person who the party is for will appreciate the effort.


Keep it simple. Don't over do it when it comes to information. Only put information that needs to be on the invitation: date, time, place, if food or dinner will be served and of course who it's honouring. If there is a special theme or dress requirement remember to add that to.

You can make your own invitations on your computer or you should be able to pick up invitations at many of your local stores. Or, if you the type of person that enjoys scrapbooking you might want to make your own by hand.

If all that sounds like too much work then you could make use of one of the many online services that will email the invitations and keep a log of your guest list and who can make it.


When it comes to picking a theme for your party the sky is the limit. Before you pick a theme it's always best to decide on how much work you are willing to do. Some themes require more effort than others.

Write down a few ideas you like then think about each idea and what needs to be done. As you go through the list you will generally eliminate most of the ones you feel are to much work or not suited to the person the party is for.

Here are just a few themes you could use: 50's, 60's 70's 80's, Mardi Gras, Luaus, Wine & Cheese, Porch Parties, Cook-outs, or sports parties.

If you are having a surprise party and an outfit is required then remember to get one for the birthday boy or girl. You don't want the guest of honour to be the odd one out.