Bachelor/Bachelorette Party Planning guide

Your friend is getting married and you have to plan the Bachelor or Bachelorette Party. A lot of pressure is on your shoulders. If you plan a great party you will be a hero. To help you here are some simple guidelines.

Who to invite

You need to decide who to invite to the party and how big your party group is going to be. You want to invite all their closest friends. If you don't have all their phone numbers or names ask the parents or friends you do know. Generally you want to invite fun friends that will also be invited to the wedding.

Asking some of their best friends to help can make things go a lot smoother.

Knowing your Bachelor/Bachelorette

The party needs to be planned according to your friends personality and what they would like to do.

Don't be afraid to ask the their partner for some help. You do not want to do something that could put a strain on their relationship just before the wedding.


You might want to plan a small home party that is not to costly or you might want to plan a weekend away that can add up. Before you decide to start booking you also need to check with the guests on how much they would be willing to spend and if they can afford it.

Once you know how much people are willing to contribute then you can decide on the type of party. Don't be afraid to ask for the money upfront, you might need to book for things in advance or buy party toys.

If you are asking for money upfront from the guests you need to keep good records of what gets spent where. As other people have contributed they might ask you questions related to the spending.

Where to party

Do you want a party that takes place in one place maybe somebody's home or do you want to move around? If you do decide to move around then you need to plan transport for all the guests. You can ask people with cars if they would be willing to drive other people, but the best option would be to hire a driver and large vehicle. This way nobody feels like a chauffeur and everybody can have fun.

General tips

Theme parties can be a lot of fun and much easier to plan. If you decide to plan a theme party it helps to look at the person they could be marrying or the type of job your friend does. You can then base the theme on something your friend can relate to easily and could be very funny.

If you are going to do some travelling plan the route, but don't set times or time limits. If people are having fun at a particular venue let people party.

Find out how close to the wedding they would like to have their party. Many people like to be at least a week away from the wedding. Some people prefer to have it really close to the wedding. I don't recommend the traditional night before the wedding. Having half the wedding guest hung over and tired is not pleasant and is very tacky.

Look after your guest of honour, plan activities and things for them to do, but don't let get them hurt.

Lastly, don't forget the camera and remember to have fun.