Theme party guide

Theme parties are fun! Memorable moments are made at these events. Theme parties are popular and guaranteed to succeed. There are really two major theme party concepts:

  1. A theme party that expects your guests to dress-up
  2. A theme party where the party takes on the form of a theme, for instance a "Casino Royale" party.

No matter whether you only expect your guests to dress-up or whether you will be undertaking extensive decorating to create a theme, prepare well ahead of the date and your party will be mistake-proof.

The first and the most important aspect of a successful theme party is choosing the theme. Most of us find this a difficult task. But, with a little help this becomes the easy part.

First of all, remember the following:

  1. Most people are not very creative
  2. Most people do not want to go to too much trouble for a party
  3. Most people appreciate a few tips and tricks to help them with the preparation for a theme party
  4. Most people do not want to go to too much expense.

In keeping with this knowledge, remember:

A successful theme party is one where all the guests participate!

Tips for a simple dress-up party:

The trick is to get all the guests to participate.

  1. Make it easy for the guests
  2. Select a theme that all the guests can identify with. Simple themes are of the most successful
  3. Provide clues for dressing-up.

Here are a few simple themes that you can try:

Here are a few party themes that you can try:

All these suggestions require some decorating to make the theme come alive. These parties require a lot of planning and can become expensive. Decide upon a budget before you start the planning. Remember - simple decorations may be all you need to make a theme come alive.